hey guys I’m Damien and I’m Dee and
today we’re gonna talk about how to get
a girl interested in casual sex and what
mistakes guys are making that are
ruining their chances of getting laid so
tune in and let’s get started so Dee you
know you and I have talked about this a
number of times and I think this is
gonna be fascinating for the guys
watching when you’ve been single or in
an open relationship in the past you’ve
been really disappointed and turned off
by the way a lot of men have approached
trying to create a casual sex
relationship with you do you want to
sort of explain what that’s been like
for you as a man I can imagine that sex
is the goal whereas for a woman sex is
not the goal sex is the what occurs the
moment we get what we want which is in a
lot of ways romance even though I had no
interest in relationships what I
actually was most important to me was
was connecting with a guy getting to
know the guy feeling like feeling like I
was special and even though it’s not
special I want to spend the rest of my
life with you special it’s like special
like you’re cool you know I work hard on
myself and and to be able to be with
someone that actually appreciates that
was he’s incredibly important to me yeah
I I think that you know I don’t think
out there if I go to a bar that the bar
is full of women thinking I hope a guy’s
gonna take me home tonight and shag me
right women aren’t in that space but I
do believe a bar has a lot it’s not full
of but it’s but it’s a lot of women who
are open to with the right man and to me
what I how I see the journey is that if
a man meets a woman and he makes her
laugh and he gets to know her and makes
her feel sexy and desirable not just
sexually desirable but emotionally
mentally desirable she interests him she
fascinates him she is the center of his
night and if she feels those things and
she knows that he is not into it he
doesn’t want a relationship but he’s
sexual and he wants her and he makes her
feel that in my experience a lot more
women are open to that I agree
absolutely absolutely wouldn’t what a
good description be you want someone to
be your boyfriend for the night yeah
that’s probably that’s probably a great
it’s probably a great description in a
lot of ways I feel like a casual
relationship that’s actually really
great is a relationship where what you
would be doing if you’re a dating but
that you both know that that’s not gonna
go that’s not where it goes so it takes
out any expectation it’s the dating
without expectation that I think casual
sex is about and that’s the biggest
thing that I have learnt from this whole
you know experiment I have a question
that I want to ask and I think I think
it’s an interesting one I think I think
the guys will be surprised by your
answer maybe I’ll be surprised by ants
we’ll find out would you rather if you
could only have one of two things in a
casual sex relationship what’s gonna
make you more likely to want to keep
seeing a guy if he technically does a
good job in bed or if it makes you feel
sexy and desired I think this is a great
question because a lot of men think and
I’ve had this conversation with men and
it’s my brain is imploded because a lot
of men think if they’re good in bed that
a girl is gonna run back back no matter
what happens and I’m like what like what
right ah men spend so much of their time
obsessed with sexual prowess like that’s
supposed to be a thing I mean it makes
sense to me because if you look at a lot
of women a lot of women enter in
relationships where they’re kind of like
well the sexes are K you know but then
he’s got all these other things and
that’s and that’s totally okay no well
and in a lot of women’s world so I like
I don’t know where who told like I don’t
know where the conversation happened but
if you just look around you know a lot
of women sex is really the the what
happens as a result of what she gets
what she wants it’s kind of like the
side effects the side effect it’s not
the actual thing right right and that’s
that’s such a big and I think this is
what this is the big message as I was
hoping we don’t cover and you’ve said it
yourself which is for
sex is not the endpoint it’s just a part
of it it’s like it’s like kissing for a
guy is a part of maybe leading to sex
right sex is the endpoint of having had
this emotional connection with a guy
right you know I mean I’ve you know
women have had great emotional
connections what sex isn’t really a part
of that and that’s totally okay with her
whereas as a guy wouldn’t be it wouldn’t
be totally okay because that’s that’s
two different needs that are trying to
be met but that doesn’t mean that one is
better than the other one doesn’t get
their needs met it’s just understanding
what the other person needs and trying
to give them that right and that’s the
thing look I think exchange is great
because I know it may D romanticizes it
but you have to ask what’s in it for her
and guys what’s in it for her and casual
sex is not the sex it’s it’s never the
sex right it is for us like at least 80%
it is for us but for women it’s an
emotional she gets the emotional
connection the validation to feel sexy
to feel desired physically mentally and
all those things and and that’s the
transaction that’s taking place and if
she gets that she’ll give you what you
need right and if she gets that the sex
is usually out of this world all right
sex is usually like fuck like you know
that was amazing and that’s generally
the point because you actually do get
what you want you just need to give her
what you what she was and that’s that’s
how it works you know and you know you
can have a mediocre sex you can walk
away and be like hey yeah that happened
but you know it’s not really going to be
any motivation to kind of you know do
that why as a woman like no sure I can
do that but why do you thank you so much
for coming here today you know it’s I
can talk my head off about this stuff to
guys but to hear it from a woman there’s
stuff that’s so important about casual
sex relationships and what’s in it for
thank you again now Dee has a really
amazing blog called solving made calm
and what are you doing there Thanks what
I talk about is a lot of this stuff
actually mostly just questioning a lot
of the status quo
and it’s not just relationships with
other things as well if you you’re
interested in this topic definitely
check it out fantastic thank you so much
guys and I look forward to seeing you in
another video
see you later it’s so hard to know about


hey everyone Eric Nelson here a once
again and thank you for tuning in to my
youtube channel well I am back with
another book review which I will be
reviewing Macy Alexander’s 58 sex
stories along with Paul logs so dories
and diary shorts now for those of you
who haven’t seen my other book reviews
here’s why I have a copy of the book
cover on a piece of paper I have this
book or the collection of short stories
I a may say on my Amazon the kindle
which is on my laptop but i’m still not
all up to date on on the technology on
how to insert pictures through the
webcam so until then I’m sticking to
this cement method so anyway back to the
collection of short stories and before I
get into some of the detail of them let
me just say that the dial that this is a
Redman it I mean you can tell that it’s
been that that it’s been edited a lot
it’s it’s a not damacy Alexander’s fault
basically I think either it had to be a
censored or I don’t know maybe because I
know that the additive process with
indie publishing is a little complicated
at time so have you ever heard the like
a book being a trashy novel you know
kind of like a accountant kind of like
Abba Ramson tokers and Dracula where it
was where it contained letters the
Diaries clip notes and even a journal
and two juries and that was called a
trashy novel because it was made up of
of the many different forms of writing
well with the macy Alexander’s
collection of short stories I would call
a trashy novel for many different
reasons one is the how it’s written it’s
it’s a little messy but also the other
part of the trashiness of it is that
it’s kind of senta’s sexual now I’m not
saying that sexuality is trashy I’m not
as a matter of fact as a man or not just
as a man as a person I you know d so
bites some of the adding the editing and
the margins highly recommended that the
so book in the beginning the the first
couple of short stories i just find
either miley a mildly entertaining or or
very entertaining and it really doesn’t
get what you would say it really doesn’t
uh you know get gets you in the mood
until sort of like a midway and as I
said these are 58 short stories so you
know you’ll have a while until whoa as
for me it actually after the sixth or
seventh a short story that’s when I
really got in the mood you know no pun
intended but yeah I really got it in the
mood and I’m not really gonna get into
some of the details of the stories
because not because I don’t want you the
audience to not be surprised when you
read them but I don’t know if there’s
any any young people low watching my e
watching my youtube channel so i’m not
going to get into a lot of detail except
that I’ll describe some of the motifs
and some of the setting plots of some of
the short stories some of the stories
actually begin with just a modern day
event where two people are just either
having a cup of coffee or or just going
about their everyday lives and then they
encounter someone who they find them
very physically attractive some of the
short stories begin actually in the
process of having sex and you know and
some of the and some of the short
stories begin with with either a married
couple a dating couple or even a
divorced a couple you know and then of
course with Oakland oh like all other
erotic novels or even pornographic films
the the result is them being very happy
and you know doing the deed or I’m just
going to come right out I’m just going
to come right out and say it having sex
so um oh and also if you guys if any if
any of you guys really want to get in
the mood of a reading that this book do
not read it alone never read any of
these is short stories alone because
well I’m sure you’ll find out once you
read some of the short stories mostly
within the middle because that’s where I
kind of got in the mood so oh and by the
way the cover of this book I have be a
pleasure no pun intended I had the
pleasure of talking with the macy
alexander through twitter and she has
confirmed that that these breasts on the
cover of the
of the of the book are actually hers
yeah well according to her through a
Twitter so anyway as I said I highly
recommended this book and you can get it
on the amazon kindle or you can you know
or you can get it on the milker the
ibook or hopefully at a major bookstore
I’m not sure about that but hey it never
hurts to to a going to see for
yourselves so I’ll see you I will see
you all of you guys later and I hope to
see you all especially at the bookstore
or the eye of bookstore