How Long Should Sex Last

Many men are wondering how long an average sex session is and whether they are doing their part. Sexual performance in men is one of the factors that will determine the length, and there are several ways to improve it. If you were wondering about the averages, problems, and ways to improve, this article might be perfect for you.

People Should Have Sex as Long as They Want

What is the optimal sex duration? Is it 30 minutes? Twelve hours? Is there a German standard that determines the duration of sex? The answer is simple — you can have sex as long as you want.

There are no rules, and you shouldn’t worry about it. Sex acts should last for as long as you and your partner desire. You might find yourself in a disturbingly slow elevator, and realize that you are in the mood for a quickie. On the other hand, you and your partner might hump each other for the entire weekend. And both options are fine.

The primary idea behind sex is to have pleasure and fun, and you can’t standardize that. There are many people who dislike oral sex (both men and women), and for them, foreplay probably sounds like a nightmare. But for others, sex session is incomplete without it. Each of us is different, and we all have unique kinks and desires. So, why even try to put a number on it and try to determine how long you need to last?

Ideal duration for you might be ridiculous for someone else. That’s the whole point. You and your partner should decide what the optimal time is, and ignore everything else people say.

We should mention that most people agree that vaginal sex that’s one or two minutes long is too short, and everything over half an hour is too long. But there are many people out there who have a premature ejaculation kink, as well as those who are long-distance runners and who find joy in longer sex. So, just stick to whatever makes you and your partner happy.

What Is the Average Duration of Sex?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you wandered out in the wilderness, and found sex in its natural habitat? How long would it be? It turns out that Marcel D. Waldinger had the same question. All jokes aside, it turns out that a group of scientists conducted research with a goal of finding the average duration of penetrative sex.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine came to interesting results. It turns out that the average sex length is 5.4 minutes.

Unlike many other studies, this time, it wasn’t a survey. Instead, they gathered 500 people from five countries (the Netherlands, the U.S., Spain, Turkey, and the U.K.). During a four-week period, they measured time using a stopwatch. Furthermore, they even counted factors like condom use and whether a person was circumcised.

The IELT or Intravaginal Ejaculation Latency time shows that the average is precisely 5.4 minutes. According to their results, the range was between 0.55 and 44.1 minutes. Interestingly, they noticed the connection between the average time and age group.

For people between eighteen and thirty, the average was 6.5 minutes. However, people over fifty-one had an average of 4.3 minutes. But the median length also varied for each country where Turkey had the lowest one with 3.7 minutes with a range of 0.9 to 30.4 minutes. Moreover, people who were circumcised lasted slightly longer.

Finally, using condoms had absolutely no effect on the duration.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Duration of Sex?

There are several factors that may affect the duration of sex. As we saw in the previous research, age plays an important role. Younger people will have longer sex, and duration keeps decreasing with age.

But there are other things that may play an essential role in it. For example, sexual dysfunctions like ED will prevent a couple from having sex and will significantly affect their sex lives.

The second common problem is sexual anxiety. This is the problem that can affect both men and women of all ages. Men often wonder whether they are “big enough” and if their partner is satisfied with the size of their penis. As a result, it can lead to more stress and anxiety that will make it difficult for them to perform or satisfy their partner.

Similarly, women have this type of anxiety and worry if their breasts or butts are the right size. They also want to know how they compare with other girls. Anxiety does not discriminate based on sex, and we often see people in porn with unrealistic body parts, which does not help.

Finally, mental health can have a major impact on the amount of time you’ll spend having sex. That includes depression, anxiety, stress, and anything else that may affect your well-being.

Each of the problems we mentioned can affect your life in the sac and lead to more problems if the couple is unsatisfied. The best thing would be to talk about the problem and try to solve it together. And if this isn’t possible, you can always talk to sex therapists and hear what they have to say about your issue.

What Are the Proven Tips to Last Longer in Bed?

There are several tricks you might use to last longer in bed. Firstly, including foreplay is a great way to start, and almost everyone loves it. Just a couple of minutes of foreplay can make a world of difference and ensure that you and your partner enjoy the fun to the fullest.

You can also try out pelvic floor exercises. Many people believe that only women should try to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, and only after pregnancy. However, anyone can do Kegels. For men, it might also increase the time before ejaculation. Furthermore, Kegels can also improve erection and lower the chance (or symptoms) of ED.

Men can also try out the stop-start method, also known as edging. It is a masturbation technique with a goal of increasing the intensity of orgasms. The idea is to do your thing as you normally would but stop before the orgasm. Ideally, you would stop just before reaching it — while you’re “on edge.”

Prolonging the orgasm and edging can lead to an intense orgasm. But also help you last longer in bed.

Finally, you can try out adding sex toys into your life. For example, there are many numbing creams that people use for treating premature ejaculation. Among the most popular ones is lidocaine, which is an anesthetic. By applying it to your private parts, you will reduce the sensation and stimulation during sex. As a result, it will take you a lot longer to come. The only thing we should mention about numbing creams and sprays is to be extra careful while using them. Read as much as you can about the brand you plan on using and inform yourself about potential problems and side-effects.


For years people have been wondering how long sex should last. Many agree that one or two minutes is too short, and everything over thirty minutes is too long. It turns out that the perfect time (according to a survey) is between 7 and 13 minutes.

There are a couple of ways to improve the duration during vaginal intercourse and ensure that both you and your partners are satisfied. The best thing would be to find if there is a cause of the problem, and if the answer is positive, you will have an easier time eliminating it.

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