The Safe Third Party: Sex Dolls

If you want to experiment with threesomes but are too scared to involve a real person, there’s a better way to pick a safe third party! Sex dolls are ideal for threesomes! We’ll show you how to use them with your partner for an unforgettable ménage à troi! 

Fulfilling Your Fantasy Without the Guilt

Threesomes always sound like the best idea ever if you’re into naughty and kinky sex. But, they don’t always turn out as you planned. It’s actually quite difficult to arrange one. Firstly, many couples find it hard to actually introduce the idea to their partners. The subject is awkward at first. Plus, it’s quite possible to insult your partner by asking for one. 

Alternatively, even if you arrange one and think that everything’s going to be alright, the situation may not turn out as you expected. An unsuccessful threesome can raise some intimacy and commitment issues. It can make both partners feel uncomfortable immediately after. Furthermore, there’s always a risk of health issues.

Fortunately, you don’t have to forget about threesomes altogether. You can find alternatives through sex toys and high-quality sex dolls. Nowadays, even sex dolls for beginners have become incredibly advanced. You can get a male or female model that looks almost like an android. Then, you can use it in the bedroom to simulate a threesome. It’s a safe and pleasurable alternative that has many benefits. 

Step 1: No Surprises, Get Consent 

The first thing to do is to see if your partner is actually okay with having a threesome with a sex doll. Sex dolls are not for everyone. Just like with all sex-related matters, it’s vital to get consent from your partner here. 

If you were frequently talking about threesomes but have never had the courage to try them, this could be quite easy. However, if you’ve never tried it, have an open discussion. Tell your partner why you think a doll would be a good idea. Even if it’s not their fantasy, they might be willing to try it. You could even ask some love doll manufacturers for photos of your doll before buying it. That way, you can pick the most attractive option from a selection of sex dolls.

Step 2: Complete the Experience With Other Sex Toys 

Sex dolls allow you to have tons of fun. For one, you can use one for an MFF threesome. They’ll give you easy access to real-feel vaginal, anal, and oral openings. Conversely, for MMF threesomes, you can get a male sex doll with a realistic cock. Women can use them in all sorts of positions. Male dolls are fantastic for partners who have double penetration fantasies but are scared to include another guy. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that sex dolls are no longer as basic as they used to be. Currently, you can find life-size dolls with realistic features. That includes real skin tones, real-feel vaginas, and even squirting dildos that feel incredible!

Plus, sex doll manufacturers offer customization options. Also, if you’re worried about space and storage, you don’t need a full-size doll. A torso doll will also do the trick! We also encourage you to boost your pleasure even further with other sex toys or accessories! You could use butt plugs, cuffs, blindfolds, clit vibrators, and similar for an extra dose of fun! 

Step 3: Position the Doll in a Way That Will Arouse Both of You 

If you think that using a doll will be clumsy and impractical, it’s actually not that complicated. You simply need to find the best positions that suit both partners. Here are some suggested positions: 

  • Missionary — the man can have sex with a female doll in missionary while the woman watches from the side and masturbates with a dildo or vibrator. 
  • Doggy — penetrate a female doll from behind while your partner watches and pleasures herself with a vibrator or dildo.
  • Double cowgirl — the female doll rides your male partner while you climb on top of their face for intense oral sex. 
  • DP Doggy — climb on top of the male doll, penetrate your vagina with it, and moan with wild pleasure as your partner enters your ass! 
  • Doggy spitroast — use a male doll to penetrate yourself from behind while sucking on your man’s penis from the front.
  • Doggy for him — the male partner penetrates the female doll from behind while you peg him with a strapon. 
  • Woman on top DP — climb on top of your man and try double penetration with a male doll entering you from behind. 
  • Woman on top oral — the male partner lays on his back and fucks the doll’s face while you climb on top for oral. 

Step 4: Turn off the Lights, Turn on the Candles 

If you’re not used to sex dolls or are a little uncomfortable with the way they look, turn off the lights! Use some scented candles instead to set the mood. Like we’ve said, you can try all sorts of positions. 

However, you’ll have to improvise a bit. That is, you won’t be able to try kinky positions that actually pleasure the third party. Obviously, the doll won’t feel anything. Therefore, having sex in doggy while orally pleasuring the third party, along with other similar positions, will not work. When you set the mood, you can watch your partner have sex with the doll and try some of our suggested positions. As mentioned, it’s a good idea to use a variety of sex toys because they’ll give you something to play with and talk dirty while your partner has sex with the doll. 

Step 5: Save the Best for Her, Not the Doll 

Usually, threesomes end better if you cum together with your partner and not with a third party. The same applies to using dolls. That is, if you’re a guy, you shouldn’t finish inside the doll first unless it’s something that your partner specifically asks you to do. Cumming inside the doll could be a turn-on to some women, but you might do better if you wait for your partner to finish and orgasm while you’re inside them. Also, cumming in the doll could be a bit messy, and it might make your partner jealous. 

That’s It!

As you can see, threesomes with a sex doll could offer you a fun and highly orgasmic way to try out your fantasy without any serious risks. So get a doll that makes you horny today and also stock up on some sex toys for an unforgettable threesome experience! 

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