Female Celebrities and Their Sex Toys

Female Celebrities and Their Kinky Toys

Although adult toys are no longer taboo, people still go crazy when someone mentions them publicly. Back in the nineties, Sex and the City was all the rage among suburban women. Aside from colorful characters and interesting plot lines, the casual use of sex toys in the show was what made it so good. Some twenty years later, knowing our idols are so open about sex and masturbation is what still fascinates us.

Some would argue our standards have dropped, but we don’t think so. It’s just that we’re living in a different world from what it was a generation or two ago. However, we still follow celebrities like before. When they leak something unorthodox from their private lives, we’re all over social media. We speculate and talk about it all night long. Therefore, our article aims to shine some light on famous female celebrities who’re known to use vibrators, anal plugs, and various other sex toys.


Back in 2013, there were media reports of how Queen Bey and her husband Jay-Z walked out of a prestigious sex shop, leaving around $6,000 in the cash register. Although witnesses couldn’t tell what exactly they bought, they were certain it was golden. Yup, Beyoncé and Z are known to love luxury. Hence, purchasing a golden dildo or two didn’t surprise us that much.

However, reporters now claim the couple regularly uses a $15,000 Lelo dildo. This gold-plated, luxury sex toy is among the very best. Not only does it look good, but it’s also made slick and comfortable even for the most sensitive of vaginas. One could only dream how hot it must be when Bey uses it.

Unfortunately, Lelo luxury dildos are above most girls’ budgets. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t fantasize about being Beyoncé with your regular gadget. Moreover, nothing can stop you and your partner from role-playing Queen Bey and Jay-Z while having fun in your dim-lit bedroom too.


Making a list of sex toys and celebrities without mentioning RiRi would be pointless. The Caribbean Queen we all love and idolize is no stranger to being provocative and kinky every now and then. From sexy music videos to breathtaking live appearances, Rihanna somehow always comes out on top. Therefore, it’s no wonder her personalized lingerie collection came with a couple of kinky accessories too.

Her “Savage x Fenty” collection includes a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, a kitty whip, and a rose gold-tone crop. Although you’ve probably guessed they’re out of your budget, all three of her brand gadgets are pretty affordable. It’s like RiRi wants to break into the sex toy market, no matter how absurd that might sound. But, hey, nothing’s impossible.

Therefore, for all who are into her 2010 hit single S&M and like bondage and domination, Rihanna’s got your back. In case you’ve never tried such fantasies, it’s about damn time. Who’d have thought your introduction into the world of kink would be by your favorite singer? 

If you’re into BDSM, you might want to try the social media platform Fetlife.

Lady Gaga

Once again, we have another music megastar on the list. Gaga is no stranger to controversy, both on and off the stage. Her music is accepted by all sorts of people, young and old. However, her interviews might be off-putting for the elderly who love her. Why? Well, let’s say she’s really into sex toys and talks about them openly.

“I’m single and a workaholic and very lonely,” said Gaga while talking to The Sun in late 2009. This statement might not be that controversial, but what followed raised some eyebrows. She said that she was happy using a vibrator. Sure, we’re not suggesting she has no time for actual lovers, but Lady Gaga sure does love a good sex toy or two.

We’re not sure which toys she has in her collection, but there’s no doubt you’d find something bizarre, just like her style. Either way, if Gaga sees vibrators as good enough for herself, there’s no reason us mortals should avoid them.

Miley Cyrus

What’s wilder than performing live in front of several thousands of fans while riding a gargantuan dildo? Well, not much. We all know how unrestrained Miley Cyrus is. There’s no doubt about it. However, her riding a massive shlong isn’t why we’ve put her on this list.

Back in 2014, Miley posted a photo of herself touching her face with a massive sex toy while on a plane. Yup, those were the days when she began to shock us all, and boy, did she do it in some style. Of course, the sex toy was the famous Adonis dildo.

This classic dildo is shaped like a hand, making it appear like someone’s fingers are all over your vagina. Bonus points, it’s made in the USA. Jokes aside, it’s an amazing toy everyone should try out, and Miley knows it.

Eva Longoria

Finally, our list comes to an end with an actress. Starring in the now-cult TV show, Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria is an avid user of sex toys. Once stating that she “didn’t enjoy sex until she started masturbating,” the actress openly talks about pleasuring herself while alone. She also feels like she wasn’t sexual enough until vibrators entered her life.

The movie star says she buys her friends sex toys all the time. She claims they scream when they unwrap the packages. Hopefully, those screams continue when they try them out. But we won’t speculate.

Sex toys only show us how celebrities like Eva Longoria find satisfaction and pleasure without an actual partner alongside them. Unlike in her famous TV series, adult toys and gadgets aren’t a sign of desperation and boredom at all; they’re a sign of a successful and confident modern woman.

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