Does Putting A Chastity Cage Hurt for First-Time Users?

After you have unpacked, discovered and created your penile cage ideally together with your partner, it is important to prove that you really want to wear a penis cage. So that you are well prepared for the first wear, here you can find the details on how to put on a chastity cage. This is very popular in the LGBT community too. If you have not read the guide to donning the penis cage, it would make sense to first deal with this. Hufftington Post feature an experience of using male chastity device.

Bear penis cage – The first week

Especially at the beginning, it is recommended to give his body some time. And that’s exactly the time he needs because it makes no sense to want too much from him immediately. After all, that can even be rather counterproductive and cause you to lose your appetite for the penis cage fairly quickly. Therefore, you should listen to the signs of your body and respond accordingly. Have a good tantric discipline. Orgasm should be avoided by the third week, but that does not mean that you are not allowed to have sex while wearing chastity cage. Using chastity cage while watching porn effectively avoids total arousal.

Bear penis cage – The second week

Now you should already be a little more familiar with the penis cage and can thus increase the wearing time, ideally already the whole day. Nevertheless, these are only guidelines and it is also true here: Instead of someday lose the desire to chastity cage to lose; you should rather slow down a bit.

Wearing time

At least 6 to 12 hours from morning to evening

Bear penis cage – The third week

In general, it is now possible to extend the time you carry the chastity cage to at least 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. At the end of the week, you and your partner should take stock and decide if you want to continue and if you enjoy chastising the man.

Wearing time

Over 12 hours, ideally 24 hours

Bear penis cage – The fourth and fifth week

The effect of the chastity cage will now usually have peaked and his sexual desire will be as long as not, maybe even more than ever before. Nevertheless, even now, an orgasm should be waived, because this could cause a break for days and may even mean a restart.

Wearing time

24 hours a day (around the clock)

Bear penis cage – The sixth week

Now you should definitely get used to the penis cage and carry it around the clock. Together, you and your partner can now think about an orgasm, because that you want to wear a chastity cage, you have now proven sufficient.

Wearing time

24 hours a day (permanently)

Create penis cage – the preparations

In particular, a thorough shave and cleaning are part of the preparations for the chastity cage. In order to make the penis cage as easy as possible later on, it is advisable to provide some lubricant and ice cubes if necessary.

Apply penis cage – The creation or adjustment of the testicle ring

As a rule, the chastity collar is supplied with a plurality of testicle rings to create a chastity cage. However, there are some, such as the penis cage by Greenpinecone that has an individually adjustable testicle ring. Mostly, however, there are three testicular rings in small, medium and large. Now it is important to find out the most suitable and then create in the final step. For this purpose, it is recommended to start with the largest testicle ring and apply the next smaller one every two to three minutes. This should be repeated until it is no longer small. Because the smaller the diameter or the ring is, the safer the entire penis cage is then also on, which also comes to the comfort of wearing good. If the diameter of the largest testicle ring is so large that it does not even touch the skin, you can also start directly with the next smaller or middle testicle ring.

Put on penis cage – The mating and closing of the chastity cage

Have you found out which testicle ring or which diameter is the right one? Now, the flaccid penis is inserted into the basket and this is placed on the testicle ring and attached to it. Now the partner only has to close the cage and the chastity clamp is ready.

You have a penchant for extraordinary erotic position and looking to enjoy gay sex toy, which not only provides fresh wind but also attaches something forbidden?

Then take a look at our chastity cages. Let it tingle and decide with the chastity cage for the extraordinary kick. We have different models for you on offer. For example, you can opt for a silicone chastity cage. Other materials used are PVC, acrylic, and metal. PVC models are very light and handy. The chastity cage made of silicone, however, is pleasantly soft.

Each model you get with lock

For the special kick, you get every model in our castle. How exactly the chastity cage is lockable, depends on the respective execution. You will find offers with a padlock, but also those that have numbered plastic locks. These are disposable locks. The plastic locks are characterized by their compact design. In addition, they are lightweight, so they can easily be stowed in a bag. The lock for your chastity cage, you can also take with ease on the road, because it is not detected by metal detectors.

Chastity cage made of stainless steel – for the special

If you want something special, you can choose us for a chastity cage made of stainless steel. The polished stainless steel cages make the cage even more stable and robust. Again, the cage can only be opened with the appropriate lock. If the right chastity cage is not there for you, you can contact us anytime with your preference or even your topless waitress fantasy. Tell us your measurements and we’ll give you everything, that you get your very own chastity cage from us.

Clear statements and open discussions

The decision for or against chastity must be taken jointly by the partners. It is important in any case not to make such a decision for the sake of the partner, but to position oneself clearly with one’s own wishes and ideas. Even if both partners are confident that chastity by means of a penis cage or chastity cage is desired, this desire may change over time.

Open communication in all phases of chaste life should always be the basis. In addition, it usually takes between six and ten weeks before the man has become accustomed to wearing the chastity cage and can wear it regularly and permanently. This time should be seen as an experiment in which the wishes can be increased, but also reduced. Visit lockthecock for more info about chastity fun and permanent chastity.

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