Butt Plug Buying Guide: Enjoy Anal Stimulation with our In-depth Guide!

Many women fear this practice. They all have the same query like are butt plugs safe? What are the risks? Can you use it during sex? Are they safe to share? To satisfy all your doubts you should know sodomy can bring a lot of pleasure to both partners. Provided however to adopt the necessary precautions.

The redaction: Compulsory agreement and complicity

The demand is usually male. But if it’s a first time for you, do not accept it lightly, either for the sole purpose of pleasing your companion or raising your eating habits through sexual activity. We must have talked about it together, that the desire be shared and the wish very real before passing this course. And like any new adventure, we prepare slowly, but surely. Check out the large collection of butt plugs at great prices only available at Loveplugs.

An anal region without reproach

A toilet in the anal and intrarectal area with warm water is desirable to eliminate the risk of dirt from materials collected in the rectal bulb. To do this, it is possible to use a small enema pear, on sale in a pharmacy or sex shop, or a shower canola, “material” that you will not forget to clean after use. It is also advisable to have bowel movements just before, in order to clear your intestines. Thus, sodomy will be all the more comfortable and pleasant.

Think about condoms

This is strongly recommended for two reasons: firstly, anal intercourse favors the risk of infection by a sexually transmitted infection, including HIV; on the other hand, they can promote the occurrence of urinary infections in men who do not protect themselves or in the woman whose partner goes from anal to vaginal penetration without having washed. Indeed, many proliferate in the colon and can win the bladder on this occasion. Also, caution during menstruation is a time when the risk of transmission of microbes and viruses is higher. However, in a monogamous relationship, when one is certain of his or her partner, one can possibly skip over it.

Preliminaries in the rules of the art

The idea is to stimulate his or her partner simultaneously at the genital and anal areas with soft caresses to gradually increase the excitement. These preliminaries also promote relaxation and abandonment, thus the opening of the body and anus, and avoid reflex defense contractions that could prevent penetration. But if preparation is essential, sharing and listening to the other also come into play. Taking time, watching how he or she reacts is important before starting. Without these basic precautions, anything that can be linked to practices performed with precipitation, under the influence of a violent excitation, may cause pain, irritation or even anal fissures.

A lubricant, but not just any

The anal mucosa, unlike the vagina, does not provide sufficient natural lubrication. Without lubricant, the penetration may be less easy and cause small lesions painless and invisible, but sufficient to pass viruses and microbes. To apply, during the foreplay, then during penetration, a water-based lubricant, compatible with condoms. If you do not use these, a greasy lubricant such as Vaseline or intimate care based on vegetable fats will do just fine.

The right position to start

That which consists of raising the legs to bring the knees under the chin is the most conducive to complicity because it allows being face to face, eyes in the eye. It is also possible to adopt a genu-pectoral position, that is to say, kneeling, the chest resting on the sheet, which facilitates the opening of the anus.

A smooth penetration

It is a question of not forcing or going to the hilt while watching for the reactions of one’s partner. Go back and forth slowly then more supported if the person is receptive and surrenders without contracting. By stimulating the clitoris or the penis, penetration is often better accepted and the sensations exacerbated.

Attention to the exit

After ejaculation, it is necessary to wait for the ejaculation of the penis before retiring, because turgid glands could traumatize the tissues and cause small tears in the anus. For the same reasons, it is advisable to withdraw very slowly when the act is interrupted before orgasm.

Speaking of ejaculation, dildos for premature ejaculation replacement can be used for this activity/play.

Prudence with sex toys

The anus is a tonic muscle that sucks and can swallow up to the rectum any foreign element. This can then go to lodge in the intestine, with the risk of perforation and infection. This is why we must go immediately to the emergency department, where a medical evaluation will decide what to do. There are sex toys, plugs or vibrators expanded at the end, specially designed for the anal area, which eliminate this risk. However, they should be used with petroleum jelly or other lubricating gel and remember to clean them thoroughly after use. Kinkly also provides tips on buying butt plugs.

Hemorrhoids, a contraindication

Sodomy does not generate hemorrhoids. However, when a person has it, it can promote a crisis whose symptoms (inflammation, pain, bleeding, and ulcerations) depend on the importance of previous hemorrhoids. It is, therefore, preferable to avoid this type of practice if one suffers from frequent hemorrhoid crises.

There are several holes that can be penetrated when you want to sex, but we must admit that there are easier to access than others. Today I’m going to talk about sodomy because it’s still a possibility. Anal sex, have this strange feeling that we talk a lot but we give little practical advice. Yet we do not enter an ass as we enter a church.

The doors are not open to all, and besides, there is no charity that holds: if we do not want, we must not force. So if you’re wondering, here’s the practical guide to sodomy.

In life, you have only one motto: as to take things in the ass, as much as it is done in the rules of art!

Who can practice sodomy?

What is fascinating is that, since everyone has an anus except disease or malformation, everyone, regardless of gender, can theoretically be sodomized or sodomized. The possible patterns are numerous: a boy can penetrate another boy, or a girl, who can herself enter a boy, etc.

So the only criterion that really plays in the practice of sodomy is as usual envy and consent! Do it only if you and your partner want it.

Do not do it by force, whether it comes from your lover or pressure from society. Do not do it especially if you do not want to and if you’re not sure if you want to try it, wait until you’re ready. Your anus will not go anywhere during that time.

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