Things to Consider When Buying A Butt Plug

So you’ve heard that anal can be even better than vaginal intercourse? Well, yes — it sure as hell stands on its own two feet. But it’s not like you can get into it without preparing yourself thoroughly. To reach an anal orgasm, you’ll need to get ready with some additional help. It’s not like we’re comparing anal sex to rocket science, but it has its moments.

There are three main components when it comes to great backdoor action. You’ll need to take care of hygiene, some preparatory anal stimulation, and, of course, safety. But unlike taking a bath or equipping yourself with lube and condoms, foreplay stimulation is a bit more tricky. Therefore, we’ll try to brief you in on some crucial details you’ll need to consider before you go medieval on your partner’s asshole.

So bear with us here as we go through everything step by step and enjoy the ride. We’re sure you’ll thank us later when you and your lover discover why anal is so highly rated in the world of sex and naughtiness. So, let’s begin this rectal trip to the depths of the A-hole and back again! 

The Size of the Butt Plug

Just like all products out there, anal sex toys (in this case, butt plugs) come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. But when choosing, it’s important not to overestimate yourself and get blinded by cool designs. It’s essential to look up the size of the desired toy first. After all, everyone can understand that, when starting a new fetish, it’s important to begin with the simplest toy you can find.

Therefore, getting to know how butt plugs work in terms of size is our first aim here. Like we’ve said already, there are all sorts of models out there, but they all have specific dimensions. The smallest ones are usually around an inch and a half wide but don’t get fooled by their tiny size. Even these little ones can make your ass go wild. When it comes to extra large plugs, you’ll be looking at the width of almost three inches.

Of course, the width isn’t the only thing to have in mind here. The insertable length is as important both for newbies and seasoned pros. The shortest types are usually at around three inches long, and the longer ones go above five. Again, overestimating your body is the stupidest thing you can do when getting into anal play. Therefore, be wary of massive toys because you might end up hurting yourself badly.

Long Term vs. Short Term Wear

One of the most obvious questions men and women who’re into anal toys have is how long they can wear it. Well, if you look at the topic up on the internet, you’ll get a mixture of different claims by people who use them. Therefore, we understand that it can be quite easy to fool yourself into something you shouldn’t do. But we’re here to help.

First, let’s begin by saying that we always recommend you follow the guidelines you get along with your toy. The people that made the device almost certainly know how safe their product is. Therefore, who are we to argue differently? But with that said, we can add a bit by saying that everything longer than three hours is a big no from us.

These few hours are quite enough even for the tightest ass out there. So, going to bed with it is not a smart idea. Once you fall asleep, your body’s pain receptors shut down, and you won’t be able to feel if anything is going wrong inside of you. Also, in case you’re pregnant, we’d suggest you don’t do it. There’s no need to risk anything.

Read the Reviews

We can’t stress this enough, but most people forget to look up a product before they buy it. Just like being interested in any other thing, it’s completely normal to research all you can before taking action. Of course, being thorough doesn’t mean losing sleep over anything. But doing at least some recon is recommended.

The whole point of reading reviews is to get to know what other people who bought the same product think of it. You’ll find out whether a certain anal bead is any good or if it’s easy to clean. Most people will be fair, unlike the provider who doesn’t want to mention anything bad about a product they intend to sell. 

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The Features and Design

Let’s be honest here — the way a toy looks is the least important thing. You can overlook a top butt plug because it’s not colorful enough, or the anal vibrator doesn’t look like a space-age gadget you can proudly brag about to your friends. That’s all nonsense. But on the other hand, that doesn’t mean you should buy the ugliest thing out there either.

Believe us — features are far more important than design when it comes to sex toys. It’s better to get a silicone butt plug or stainless steel anal beads for women/men than to get a none body-safe device that looks cool. Also, when looking for anal training stuff, consider buying a plug with a flared bottom. It will prevent the toy from getting stuck inside your rectum. Trust us — you don’t want that.

Consider Purchasing a Set

When trying sex toys, whether you’re going for vibrating anal beads or vibrating butt plugs, it would be a smart idea to buy a whole set. Why? Well, since we already explained that overestimating your body is stupid, most people overlook that advice. Therefore, we think it’s far better to get a set. It will include a couple of toys of all sizes, and you’ll try your luck with each one of them.

This strategy will allow you, once you have overcome the beginner toys, to up your game to the next level. That way, you’ll gradually go step by step without wasting your hard-earned money on a new toy every so often. Of course, before you buy anything, check the dimensions and the features of gadgets you like. Don’t be hasty! Go easy and be safe. After all, that’s all that matters.

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