Top Benefits of Using Vaginal Weights During Pregnancy

This article is intended only for women who are interested in a full sexual life or even to those who have undergone artificial insemination. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina, as well as possible, by the way, are suitable for this purpose.

Vagina – the female sexual organ, it looks like a tube, 8-12 cm long elastic contains muscle, their main function is that during intercourse, they adapt to the most intense penile… Clasping him on all sides, at the expense of their tension and swelling, and increased blood supply during sexual arousal, vaginal muscles are compressed from all sides of the penis.

Child Birth and its effect on the Vagina

All women have vaginal anatomical structure of the same, with the exception – developmental abnormalities. But there are individual natural qualities: flora, temperature, acidity, elasticity, lubrication etc. All these properties can vary depending on a woman’s age or illness. For example, the vagina of young women is different from that of older women. It has more flexible and strong at the expense of the vaginal muscles, which provided excellent blood. During intercourse, they are tightly wrapped around the penis, thus the pair is able to get the highest pleasure.

Over time, the vagina is undergoing age-related changes, no small role in this play childbirth. After them, the vagina loses its ability to adapt to the male phallus, the muscles become flabby, sluggish and not elastic. Naturally, the sensations during intercourse lose their brightness. During childbirth stretch the vaginal walls, especially when large fruits, moreover, when there were cracks and sutures. In the confusion and fear of bleeding, the doctor puts them hastily, with little concern about the aesthetics, as a consequence, the cleft of a woman is not beautiful gaping, vagina ceases to perform its main function – maximum adjustment to the penis during sexual intercourse.

Sex before childbirth will not cause negative emotions and discomfort. Therefore, every woman should know how to strengthen the vaginal muscles through exercise. They are aimed at strengthening the special intimate muscles, which are called – vumen that are found around the vagina and anus (back passage), they contract during orgasm. It turns out they can be inflated by means of exercises, like any other muscle in the body. If you try hard, you can learn how to manage them during intimacy, try standing sex position, and contracting muscles, thereby bringing your partner and yourself the greatest pleasure. Intimate Rose discusses the using of weights during pregnancy and delivery.

These exercises train the muscles of the vagina, anus, and perineum, keep them in good shape, and are the prevention of many diseases: hemorrhoids, incontinence, as well as certain gynecological diseases. After charging it increases blood flow to the pelvic organs (uterus, bladder, and intestines), feeding them and restoring. Some of these exercises are so good that they can be performed anytime, anywhere: at home, at work, in public transport, etc. without departing from the cases. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina the first exercise

The vast pose, lying on his stomach, but it can be done in any position. The muscles must be subjected to training in the beginning to find. It’s enough to imagine that I want to help and make this action, and then abruptly interrupt as if afraid to dip, then, just going to do with the anus, remember the whole process.

The next step, try both of these groups of muscles squeeze together during this hip, like a little give in advance. Your task is to hold for a few seconds in this position stay. At the beginning of the unpleasant sensations, but they will not bring pain for so long, you will not be able to hold the muscles tense. Then muscle desirable to compress with buttock. From this the buttocks will look beautiful and fit. Greatly admire and zealous not worth it, and it is recommended in the first two weeks of doing this exercise no more than once a day, until you feel mild fatigue. Gradually bring the amount of exercise to 100-150raz per day and no more than 5 times a week, a month of regular exercise vaginal muscles will become stronger.

The second exercise

It is quite difficult to perform if there are no appropriate skills. It is necessary to take a stand on the shoulders when the self such a position is difficult to keep, take in the assistant wall. After taking the initial position smoothly splay and close together the legs, gradually increasing the amplitude, 5-7 perform movements per minute. During the first week exercise follow from 2 to 4 minutes, gradually increasing the holding time to 10 minutes per day.third exercise Imagine, if you will draw in some vaginal object, do this step and try to keep as much as possible, in such a tight vaginal muscles are able to slowly counting to five. Gradually you can increase this period from 10 to 30. The exercise should be done hourly, and the result will be after one month.

Fourth exercise

Quickly squeeze and relax the vaginal muscles, ranging from 10 times and gradually bringing up to 50 times. Then repeat the same with the muscles of the anus.

Fifth exercise

Alternate contraction of muscles of the vagina and anus muscles 20 times.

Sixth exercise

In mind count from 3 to 5, on the count of three and five compress the muscles of the vagina, stopping at each position further attenuate them in the same sequence, making stops in the same bank, then do these actions with muscles of the anus. Interesting fact, we all know that the high heel has a negative impact on the health of the feet, but, oddly enough has a positive effect on the vaginal muscles, training them, the best option is to stay a foot off the ground at an angle of 15 degrees, but do not abuse high heels, enough to wear medium. It is better to do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina.

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