6 Anal Beads That Will Blow Your Mind

Anal sex is the most taboo sexual practice, even among the most liberated couples. Because it touches a part of the body often denigrated, the anal sex remains in most minds the “dirty sex”. And yet, there are more and more followers who, once the first step taken and fear gone, recognize these practices all their virtues! So what do anal beads feel like? As per the users it gives you the feeling of flying in the sky and gives an unexplainable sexual satisfaction. Misconception about anal sex is discuss by Cosmo.

Anal caresses to start

Description: Here is a very good way to start gently to practice anal sex. The caresses can be lavished by one or the other of the partners, and make it possible to quickly see if it suits you or not. They can be used as preliminaries or used in addition to another practice.

Pleasure: The anal area is richly innervated and is an important erogenous zone. The caresses, or the sensations of friction is therefore often at the origin of an excitation.

Does it hurt? As long as the caresses are carried out with delicacy, there is no reason for it to be painful.

Precautions to take: Hygiene here, as in sexual intercourse of all kinds, is essential. The proximity of the anus and clitoris, and the caresses from one to the other can cause the spread of bacteria.

And for him:  The anal area of the man has a nervous sensitivity comparable to that of the penis. Many men are therefore followers of anal touch, even in heterosexual couples. However, this part of the anatomy is often synonymous with domination, and few people let themselves go.

You just want to get to know you’re “downside” or that of your partner and spoil it? But have never had anal sex? You have never heard of an anal chain, an anal ball or an anal ball chain? Or are you just looking for more information? But then go! No, an anal chain is not a series of people who show us their bare bottom. It is another anal sex toy for sexual games.

The anal beads are used for the very special anal stimulation (or even for anal stretching) of men and women and can also wonderfully stimulate the prostate in men. Thus, in order to increase the pleasure sensation in the masturbation, or also in the lovemaking (anal sex) for two to be used outstanding.

Orgasm balls for the buttock: What does a lust ball necklace look like?

An anal chain or ball dildo has at least two or more anal beads connected by cords. Almost always increasing in size towards the end. Here, analgesics are available in a wide variety of materials such as glass, metal, or silicon, in shape and size. Most are small balls; others are oval or elliptical in shape. Anal chains are flexible in their length and ball rods made of hard material but less flexible, until completely star.

There are variants in which the diameter of the balls is mounted from large to small in alternation. Also available are models with vibration similar to a vibrator (pearl vibrator).

Brand new is the combination of anal chain and Butt Plug. You can feel the delight of an anal chain but has the end, the safe comfort of a butt plug.Some bondage fans give themselves to the pleasure ball of an anal hook.Anal necklace is available in pink, blue, red, black colours.

Sex Lull – libido in the cellar?

Missionary and equestrian positions have become monotonous and bleak after the umpteenth time? Then just do it differently. The collection for Imaginative erotic fun with anal sex toys is Huge. Try something new. The love balls of the anal chain are ideal for this. He or she likes to be inspired by your new ideas? For more ideas check out loveplugs instagram or share your photos and ideas as well.

An erotic toy for women and men

Whether you order the Anal ball chain in the set, made of glass, metal or silicone, for all you do not save on lubricants.

An anal sex toy for noticeably better sex

You can introduce the anal beads one after another slowly with plenty of lubricant or quickly, they have a stimulating massaging effect. Some users reach a sexual climax even by the slow withdrawal of the individual anal beads. Such an anal chain is ideally suited for curious beginners, as well as experienced partners to prepare for the climax of lust orgasm. A playful variation is when it comes to sexy underwear, paint and leather or handcuffs in the game (bondage).

Anal chain and her love balls, tips

When making a purchase, make sure that the anal chain is made of haul-compatible lubricious materials such as silicone, latex or rubber. Even short versions made of metal or glasses are suitable.

Also, do not forget it, so it better to use plenty of lubricant, lubricant or oil. Do you decide on a chain of silicone? Then do not use a silicone containing lubricant.

Silicon with silicone is not compatible. Silicon on silicon dissolves the surface (becomes rough) or even on (their anal beads deform).

Just be gentle as a beginner. To minimize the risk of infection, please use your anal chain only anal.

Chains with fabric cords or knots and edges are difficult to clean. When buying, make sure that the anal chain is made of skin-friendly lubricious materials such as silicone, latex, or rubber. Even short versions made of metal or glasses are suitable.

From a length of more than about 15 cm, it is important that the analgesic has certain flexibility. Otherwise, you should resort to an anal dildo or anal vibrator.

Also note that in the intestine are mostly things like leftovers that do not smell so great, so I recommend them before an anal savage or anal shower.

Be gentle as a beginner.

To minimize the risk of infection, please use her anal beads only anal. After the motto once anal always anal is accepted by you then you don’t need to look back. Anal chains with fabric cords or knots and edges are difficult to clean. Clean your anal chain thoroughly after use with antibacterial soap. Of course, using the necklace with a condom makes cleaning much easier. Or you can buy a toy cleaner right away. These cleaners can disinfect at the same time. There are More Information Here if you’d like to learn more about how to properly clean your anal beads.

If they cannot relax properly, the insertion will be difficult. In that case you can get a so-called anal spray. The anticonvulsant effect of the sprays is fantastic, without exaggeration. These sprays relax without numbing.

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