6 Anal Beads That Will Blow Your Mind

Let’s get one thing out of the way first — the answer to this question is not only no, but hell no. Every straight guy out there has wondered about “gay sex” and anal penetration. Don’t even try to deny it.

Humans are curious creatures. We’re explorers, conquerors, and we bravely go where no man has gone before. Sometimes that’s another continent, and sometimes it’s our butt. Either way, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Gay men have been preaching the joys of anal sex for decades. It’s time that straight men listen!

However, no matter what your sexual identity is, anal sex toy for sexual games will not make you gay. Enjoying and regularly engaging in sex with other men does (or at least it makes you bi, pan, queer, etc.).

Breaking Down the Stereotypes

Straight men tend to stick together as long as there are no butts involved. The ever-present stereotype that anal pleasure is strictly reserved for gay men really needs to go away. There’s so much that straight men are missing by abiding by this made-up rule.

A straight man deserves to feel all the pleasures his body can provide without the fear of others judging him for it. What’s more, in today’s world of quick and free information exchange, thinking that using sex toys and playing with your ass makes you gay is ludicrous. If a man who identifies as straight tried anal beads, for example, and proclaimed he was gay after all, trust us when we say that he was gay all along.

With the sex-positive movement that’s doing wonders both for straight and LGBTQ+ community, people are starting to realize that there’s no need to compartmentalize sexual pleasure. We should categorize sexual acts based on what we like (or don’t like), not what we should like. 

That’s precisely why we’re tackling the topic of anal pleasure in straight men. It’s time to stop stupid stereotypes that prevent us from enjoying our bodies to their full extent.

Common Misconceptions About Anal Play

Straight men who haven’t dabbled in anal play often share a common misconception that it should involve a huge dildo up their asses. Although this can be quite pleasurable, anal doesn’t have to involve penetration at all.

Sure, inserting and removing a butt plug or a dildo has it’s perks. Feeling your sphincter muscles contract and using a bullet vibrator or a dildo to reach the coveted prostate is a delight.

But so is external anal stimulation. The anus is extremely sensitive because it has tens of thousands of nerve endings (that seem to have a direct connection to our dicks, by the way). So, even external stimulation, like a few gentle caresses or a strategic nudge at the anus and the taint, can be extremely pleasurable. That’s why rimming is a thing! It’s not a taboo sexual practice, in fact you can find several straight guys who are 100% into women, but just cannot get enough of anal play. 

The Pleasure of Anal Play

External stimulation can increase the pleasure sensation during masturbation or vaginal sex feel even better. By pressing on the taint, we can stimulate our prostate. It might not be enough to make us cream our pants, but it will make everything more pleasurable. 

However, there’s little that can compare to actual anal penetration. And we do not need to mention that the only sure way to have an anal orgasm is by internal prostate stimulation. 

Now, we know that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Not all men like having things up their ass, and that has nothing to do with whether their sense of self and sexuality is fragile or not. Some men simply don’t enjoy it.

Others, however, think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. There really are no words that can adequately describe anal orgasms. It’s like a regular orgasm on steroids that you feel with your whole body. It lasts much longer than other orgasms, and it can be quite the revelation for straight men. Not in terms of their sexuality, of course, but it can make them realize what they’ve been missing due to stereotypes and fear.

If you’re one of the brave straight men who like to explore and are interested in anal play, we recommend you start with anal beads.

What Are Anal Beads and Why Should You Care?

Anal beads are a weird-looking sex toy that’s ideal for novices. They are body-safe and allow people to start as small as they like when it comes to anal play. In other words, they are the safest beginner option.

Anal beads, like the name suggests, are beads on a string (although it’s more often a silicone rod). They start small and get progressively bigger as you near the flared base of the toy. This particular design means that you can insert the tiniest bead and rest while the rod in between the beads goes in. You can then insert another, and another, and keep going as long as you feel comfortable.

Because anal beads are more flexible than butt plugs, they aren’t as intimidating. They allow for more control. They also feel incredible while you’re pulling them out. Each bead stimulates the anal nerve endings and stretches you anus just the right amount!

So, starting with anal beads is a solid tactic. If you get bored or don’t see them as a challenge anymore, don’t worry — there are plenty of types of anal beads out there. From regular, small training models, to vibrating anal beads that offer and extra kick, all the way to hentai anal beads that allow you to put a little kink in your anal play — your options are endless.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore Your Sexuality

Anal play can be quite intimidating, especially for straight men who never touched their butts before in a sexual way. However, if you manage to come over your fears and misconceptions about anal sex, it can also be quite pleasurable.  

There’s no reason we should live in fear of exploring our bodies. Even if you aren’t ready to let your partner dabble back there, if you’re curious about anal play, you should consider a solo adventure. After all, sex should be about doing what feels good, not about what we should or shouldn’t do because of some stereotypical nonsense. 

Are you still worried about what others might think? If that’s so, here something to consider. People who know their bodies and are sure in their sexual preferences are more confident and thus more desirable. So you literally have nothing to lose! 

Regardless if you are just starting your anal play journey, you can find useful information on loveplugs Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us!

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