How Men and Women Sexually Attract Each Other

We all sometimes wonder how to attract the opposite sex. What’s the science (and math) behind it? Is there a cheat sheet to it all? Not really. It’s all subjective, and you’ll find our list to be very easy to follow. 

People often say that you should just be yourself. It’s true — being yourself ensures you’re attracting the right person for you. But what are the things someone might notice before they decide if they’re attracted to you? Body language is one of them. 

Let’s say your friendly neighbor got a new puppy, and suddenly you find him more attractive. What?! How does that happen? It’s the dog. Yup! You’ll learn that dogs play a huge role in you finding someone attractive. Or any pet, really. It’s just a personal preference at this point. 

So, let’s find out what the opposite attraction is all about. 

Facial Expression

It may come as a surprise, but facial expressions can sometimes make it or break it. Not when you’re in a long term relationship, of course. But when it comes to initial attraction, how you interact with others matters. Yes, that includes the faces you make. 

Being expressive and bubbly will definitely make the other person more interested in you. How do we know that? Just imagine yourself talking to someone who never has any expressions at all. Boring, right? Now imagine you as that boring person. It’s hard to say someone will find that attractive. 

Seriousness can be attractive too, don’t get us wrong. But it’s been scientifically proven that men, for example, are more attracted to women who smile more, while women are more attracted to men who have bold facial expressions. You know, confidence is key, after all. All you have to do is freely be yourself.

Body Language

Being expressive is essential for the second item on our list too. Of course, we are talking about body language. There’s no need for being overly enthusiastic about this one. Flailing your arms around can make you come across a little eccentric. Finding a good balance is what secures your win. 

You’re ensuring other people find you more attractive by having an active body language. What does that mean? It means you don’t sit completely still, as if someone nailed you to your seat. Or walk completely stiff. That can make it seem as though you are uncomfortable around the other person. 

Try your best to relax, be comfortable, act naturally and do not try anything sexual. Again, no flailing. Just casual expressiveness. Maybe an accidental touch here and there. It will make your person of choice know you’re actually interested in them. And isn’t it the other way around too? We’re sure you would agree with us here.


This step is difficult to master because we’re all very different. Not everyone likes the same scents. What happens when your crush doesn’t like your favorite perfume? That’s it. It’s over. 

We all have the scents we like, that’s true. But we all have our own body odor as well. We’re not talking about the nasty “just got back from the gym” smell — just the natural scent our glands produce. That’s not something you can do much about — people will either like it or not. However, you can do a lot about the perfumes you use. 

Perfumes are very clearly divided by gender. Women have fruity, sweet, flowery scents, while men have bold, musky smells. We turn to science for answers once again, and it tells us that men prefer women who smell sweet. On the other hand, women prefer men who smell like garlic. Wait — what?! That’s right. 

A Similarity With Parents of the Opposite Sex

Have you ever had someone tell you that your partner is just like your mom/dad? It happens to all of us! It turns out that we indeed choose partners that remind us of our parents. At least in some way, even though we sometimes find them annoying. 

Shall we ask science about how this happens? Scientists have found that women are often attracted to men who have similar eye color as their dads. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. These aren’t set in stone — they are more like general guidelines.

Men are attracted to women who look like their moms. That also has a psychological factor. Have you noticed that sometimes your partner is acting similarly to one of your parents? That is not something you choose consciously. It simply happens! 

Your partner being similar to one of your parents is great. Just don’t bring it up in arguments.


This part, science says, has a little bit to do with evolution. And here you thought we’ll tell you how to flick your hair the right way. 

It turns out that men find women with long hair more attractive. Here’s where the evolution part comes into play. If a woman’s hair is long, it means it grows fast. And what does that mean? It means she’s healthy enough to reproduce and have children. And we all know that family matters the most to some people. 

What about women, though? They don’t really care about hair that much. Some prefer short hair, some prefer long. Or none at all! Being bald is very convenient. We’re sure that men don’t really go actively thinking about evolution when choosing a partner, but subconsciously maybe that’s where their minds go. 

Hairstyles are only temporary. Be careful, though — having different hair will attract different people. 


So, it turns out there’s a science to you thinking a guy is more attractive if he has a dog. Or a cat. Or any kind of pet at all. But let’s get into why this is. 

Maybe it’s the fact that you just love dogs (or any other animal) so much. Dogs often adopt certain behavioral patterns from their owners. If a dog is cheerful, friendly, and cuddly, their owner is too, right? Studies show that some women see it differently.

If a man has a pet, it means he’s ready for and capable of a commitment or a serious relationship. It does make sense if you think about it — pets require proper care and lots of attention.

You don’t need to be a sex magnet or to someone who constantly has thoughts about sex
to attract a potential partner — all you have to do is have a pet. Seriously, that’s all it takes. 


The opposite attraction isn’t a difficult-to-grasp concept. It does require some science (apparently), but it’s still quite subjective. 

It all comes down mainly to personal preferences. Is the length of a woman’s hair really the sign of her reproducing capabilities? Do men actually think of that? Probably not. Initial attraction isn’t something you think about a lot. It simply happens.

Some things from our list can, however, be off-putting for a majority of people. Here we’re talking about facial expressions and body language. Again, we’re all attracted to different things. But some things we can all agree are simply not attractive. Imagine your date picking their nose while you’re talking. We find it hard to imagine anyone finding that hot.

Whatever kind of person you may be, it’s crucial to be yourself. Don’t change yourself to fit someone else’s preferences, and you’ll attract the right person. 

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