advantages of good sex

Health Benefits of Good Sex

Did you know that there are many health benefits of lovemaking? Sex can do so much good for our health besides making us feel good. Many scientists have explored how impactful intimacy is, and the results are something you need to check out.  We have always been told about the importance of sex, but let’s take a look at some if its health benefits. 

Healthy Immune System

Both men and women who have regular sex have a stronger immune system. Research suggests that college students who had sex at least once per week had a higher level of antibodies in their organisms. 

Of course, this doesn’t apply to students only, and any sexually active person will significantly improve their immune system. Furthermore, the study showed that sexual health was connected to the number of sick days people took as well. So if you ever wondered if there were any benefits of having sex every day, the answer is yes. It will keep you healthy and in a better mood. 

Boosts Libido

But having a strong immune system is not the only benefit you’ll experience if you have regular sexual intercourse. Namely, lovemaking can also boost your libido. While having a low sexual drive is not a bad thing, and each person is different and with unique desires, you can always boost it if you want. 

Good sex involves foreplay, and it can reduce anxiety levels, enhance your relationship, and even serve as an exercise. All of these things are vital for boosting one’s sex drive. And besides all the benefits, you will also feel psyched. 

Improves Bladder Control for Women

Sex is also a fantastic way to enhance control of the bladder. Incontinence is a problem that affects approximately 30% of women. That means some women lack control over urination, but having a strong pelvic floor can significantly improve the situation. 

While there are many exercises for strengthening the pelvic muscles, the best by far is sex. Any kind of contraction will strengthen those muscles, and having an orgasm is probably the best workout anyone could imagine. 

Lowers Blood Pressure

There are so many ways to lower your blood pressure. Some people suggest yoga, while others advocate for the benefits of a good laugh. But did you know that having an orgasm is similar to exercise? There is a reason you feel like you’re on cloud nine after sex, and that can help you with your blood pressure as well. 

What is also interesting is that any intimacy will have benefits for your overall well-being. Hugging, holding hands, cuddling, and more, will lower heart rate and blood pressure as well. 

Good Cardio

Do you want to burn calories? You’ve guessed it! The answer is sex. Having intercourse will allow you to burn 150 calories per hour! And anything that makes your heart race in a positive way is beneficial. During intercourse, your heart rate will increase, and it will reach its peak during orgasm. 

Even if the person has heart disease, it still shouldn’t stop them from having fun. As long as you are enjoying it and there is no chest pain, you can do this kind of exercise freely. 

Eases Stress

One of the best health benefits of sex is the way it can help reduce stress. There are so many things going on in our lives, and it can become overwhelming at times. But intimacy and sex can lower stress levels and make everything better. 

Of course, getting rid of stress will also reduce the chances of heart attacks and many other stress-related illnesses. Good sex can be almost therapeutical and do wonders for your mental health. Of course, aside from reading articles on guidance about sex, make sure to consult a professional especially if you feel that your stress levels are getting in the way of your life and relationship.


If you’ve ever asked yourself the question: ”what does sex do to your body?” you’d be surprised how beneficial it can be. Regular and quality sex can lower the risk of prostate cancer, lower stress, boost libido, enhance one’s immune system, and serve as cardio. Finally, regular sex can prolong your life and make it better overall. 

People who have great sex are happier and healthier. But even hugging, cuddling, and kissing is beneficial for our health. In the end, any intimacy can positively affect our lives.

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