advantages of good sex

What are the advantages of good sex?

We all know that sex is really important Is our life because human wants satisfaction. As per human’s need and desire sex is one f the main part of their life. In our today’s generation, the atmosphere is being changed comparatively with past because of our everyday habits as wells higher education. There are so many blogs websites and video pages but to find best information and Guidance about sex and importance of sex then there is so many random sex blog are available on the internet as they show beautifully define the impact of sex in our life. Some important features and qualities which are to be considered while sex in life:

  • For better sleep: People who have great sex provide much better relaxation after sex. As sex gives them a better quality of need means that when hormone released while sex, then it is responsible for the feeling of relaxation and sleepiness.
  • Boost your immune system: sexually addicts’ people take some responsibility for better health as when there is full sex; as a result, body defends germs, viruses, and other conceptual diseases. Hence, for better and healthy immune system eating and enough sleeps also play the main role in your daily habits. Random sex blog much help to understand sex in a better way.
  • Improves woman bladder control: strong and healthy sex is important for a woman to increase and boost their stamina and improve women bladder control as also improves orgasm and muscles.
  • Lowers your blood pressure: Research suggests that good sex and sexual intercourse provide lower blood pressure affect your body as symptoms will clearly show up.
  • Counts as an exercise: There is no denying the fact that sex is really a great form of exercise and count something like a minor part of an exercise. According to research sex uses to about five calories per minute. It bumps your heart rate and uses various muscles.
  • Lower heart attack risk: A good sex life is definitely good for the heart. Besides a way to raise your heart rate, sex is much beneficial and helps to keep your level in balance.
  • Reduce stress level: very much closure to your partner can reduce your stress and anxiety. Being touched your body release dust from your brain and gives you a healthy and smooth life.


  • Used condoms: It will be your priority for you before having sex that wears condoms to avoid pregnancy is must because of their safe future and safe surroundings.
  • Having proper knowledge: having sex is good, but you should have proper knowledge about it that can remove your issues and doubts
  • Pregnancy: you should have to know about pregnancy as doing sex, hormones release which results in pregnancy, whether a girl wants or not that is the main issue

Hence it is compulsory for a couple to concentrate and must consider the points which are discussed and random sex blog gives you much knowledge about practical sex.

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