Should parents let their teenage kids own a sex toy?

What Did Parents Say?

Have you ever had the talk with your parents? During this talk, they try to explain to you where the babies come from, and it’s not what you’ve been told as a child. Apart from that, parents usually have safety talks with their kids. They believe that telling them about using contraceptives is enough to send them into the world of sex. Unfortunately, that’s where they’re wrong.


It’s only natural for teenagers to want to explore their sexuality once they reach a certain age. This is when they’ll want to try having sex because most of their peers claim to have had it already. But what about self-exploration and learning what sensation one likes? Not a lot of adult people think about this, let alone horny teenagers. However, the people who should be thinking about it are their parents.


So, what do parents think about giving sex toys to their teenagers? The majority of them are heavily against it. Parents seem to think that teenagers shouldn’t know about sex until they’re more mature, but the birds and the bees are inevitable. 

Society’s Views on Sex Toys

But what does society think of sex toys? The global opinion can be assumed from the fact that sex toys are still taboo. Luckily, this seems to be changing nowadays. More people are accepting sex toys and considering them aids for sexual exploration and pleasure. Not only that, but a lot of influencers and celebrities are coming out and talking about sex toys. This definitely helps society change their opinions too.


What about sex toys for teenagers, though? Society doesn’t have a clear stance on that subject, so it depends on individuals. What we can collectively agree on is that there’s nothing wrong with sex toys. All they do is help us figure out what we like, which results in us enjoying sex with our partners more.



Some members of society believe that teenagers would benefit the most from these kinds of toys. Easing themselves into the world of sex doesn’t need to be scary, and sex doesn’t need to hurt. Someone should teach teenagers this or let them find out on their own. So, we can conclude that teenagers owning sex toys can only be beneficial to them. Parents should try seeing things from this perspective because we’re sure they all want the best for their kids.

Sex Toys Benefits That People Don’t Talk Much About

Would parents start buying sex toys for teenagers if they knew all the benefits? We believe so. Well, adults that use sex toys are already aware of these benefits but probably think they don’t apply to teenagers. Simply put, parents just think that teenagers are too young for sex toys. On the other hand, using sex toys comes with many benefits, and one of them is having orgasms. Many adults struggle reaching orgasms, but that’s so much easier when using toys. But what are the benefits of orgasms? They include the following:


  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Confidence boost
  • Brain function boost
  • Better sleep
  • Immunity boost


The list of benefits can go on and on, but we think these are enough to change parents’ minds. Not only will toys help kids improve their sexual health, but they’ll be more comfortable with themselves and boost their academic performance. What’s more, they’ll have a stronger immune system, which means they’ll be healthier. Since parents only want the best for their kids, we believe these benefits are enough to change their minds about visiting a sex shop.

Sexual Maturity

Parents constantly nag their kids about being mature and learning about responsibility. So, why not teach them all about it with sex toys instead of buying them a pet? With sex toys, teenagers will become sexually mature and be responsible in their future sexual encounters. 

Being sexually mature doesn’t only mean being responsible when having sex. This also includes knowing your sexual desires and what makes you tick. When you know what sensations you enjoy, it’ll be much easier for you to relay them to your partner. This knowledge is useful no matter your age, and you’re never too young to acquire it.


On the other hand, sexual maturity also means you’re wise enough to know that sex isn’t all about you. While you may have sensations you like experiencing, your partner does too. Keeping this in mind means you both will have a sexual experience that’s guaranteed to make you feel good.


Lastly, this kind of maturity helps teenagers develop a sense of responsibility towards sex. This is how your child learns sex toy maintenance, the difference between lubricants, and when to use a condom. Trust us when we say that giving them a sex toy ensures they have safe experiences.

Safety Measures

Speaking of safety, we bet you don’t want your teenager catching an STD or becoming pregnant because they were careless. You, as a parent, know that this is the time of your child’s life when they want to experiment and engage in sex. Whether they want to do it or they’re doing it to fit in doesn’t matter. Telling them about contraceptives is helpful, but you have no guarantee that they’ll remember to use them.


While you shouldn’t control your child’s sex life, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve done all you could to keep them safe. You can do all that and more by buying your teenager a sex toy. They’ll be able to experiment with it without any risks of STDs and pregnancies. Plus, having a sex toy will teach them about proper hygiene. These toys need to be maintained to be in the best shape, and your teenager will learn how to do just that.


When you give a sex toy to your teenager, you’re ensuring their safety and sexual maturity. Maybe you think it’s too early for them to be introduced to all of this. But think about it this way: would you rather help your child explore safely or let them be sexually irresponsible? We both know the answer to that.

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