Simple Things That You Can Do Outside the Bedroom to Improve Your Sex Life

Many people don’t understand that things you do outside the bedroom will affect their sex lives as well. If you were wondering about ways to make your life better, you’re in the right place. Here, we will go through a couple of things that will make a significant impact on your relationship and performance under the sheets.

Why Does Sex Starts Outside the Bedroom?

The first thing we should explain is that “outside the bedroom” doesn’t mean having intercourse in, say, your kitchen or garden. It refers to your relationship and all the steps you take to make it better. If you are looking to have good sex, all you do in life will play an important role in the process.

Assuming you’re in a long-term relationship, every part of it will have an effect on your sexy times, and improving sex means increasing the quality of the connection between you and your partner.

Assumption of Good Intent

It is necessary for a couple to have an assumption of good intent. That means you need to leave all of your fears behind you and start believing that your partner wishes you well. Taking a leap of faith is always scary, but you need to take that step if you want to be in a healthy relationship.

Once you understand that, you will have an easier time talking to your partner and seeing their problems in a different light. For example, “why” questions will often receive a negative or defensive response. What you should do instead is ask the “what” question. “What’s going on?” is a lot better than “Why did you…?”, and it is more likely to get a proper response.

Kindness and Courtesy

We all love appreciation, but you need to give it if you are hoping to receive it. That is why kindness and courtesy should be an essential part of every relationship. Even the smallest gesture can make someone’s day, and your partner and their well-being should always be your priority — as you should be theirs. And the best thing about it is that it’s not that difficult. Make them a cup of tea or coffee if they are tired, cover them if they fall asleep, cherish every second you spend with them. Naturally, they should do the same thing. See 10 ways how to express appreciation/gratitude.

If you find a person that takes care of you as you take care of them, you should let them know how happy it makes you and how everything they do feels good. It’s small things like this that can make a world of difference and ensure that you have great sex and improve every single aspect of your lives.


Now, this is something that almost everyone is aware of. Trust is important. It is among the essential parts of every relationship, and you should never abuse it. You need to trust your partner. Whether we talk about the bedroom or outside of it, it is what makes us feel safe.

If you take sex positions or sex toys, trust is something that is rather important. Not everyone is experienced with using adult gadgets, and you will need to trust your partner that they will be gentle and ensure that no harm comes to you.

So, focus on being a reliable, trust-worthy person, and your partner will appreciate it. As a result, every single part of your relationship will thrive.


Having a sense of humor is important not only in relationships but in life as well. Things will go wrong sooner or later, and you should know how to find a funny side of it. No one likes gloomy people, and humor is a great way to blow off some steam. Just imagine your partner having a problem or being stressed. If you manage to make them laugh, they will feel a lot better.

After all, most problems are often ridiculous, but we just don’t have the right perspective at the moment to notice it.


Finally, communication is the key to every healthy relationship. You need to talk to your partner about everything. If you are sharing lives, you should be able to share everything else. And this applies not only to role-play and sex lives, but every other aspect as well.

If you want a lap dance, just tell them. There is nothing wrong with it. But keeping things to yourself can often lead to distrust and frustration. And you would like to avoid both of these things.

Both you and your partner need to feel comfortable in every situation. If you dislike something, say it loudly and proudly. Most relationship problems couples face is due to the lack of communication and tons of misunderstandings. So focus on things that matter and discuss them with your significant other. It will build trust between you two, and it will reflect on every other aspect of your relationship.

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