Homemade Sex Toys for Conservative Couples

Not everyone is comfortable with exploring the wonderful world of sex toys. Are there some alternative items that you can find in your home and avoid the awkward trip to a sex store?  What are the best DIY sex toys for beginners and conservative couples? Check out our tips for the best homemade sex toys for conservative couples!

The Challenge of Going to a Sex Store

While adult toy stores are loaded with naughty goodies and tons of products that couples can use to improve their sex lives, it’s a bit challenging to actually enter one. Both conservative and non-conservative couples, as well as singles, struggle to work up the courage to visit one.

People could feel uncomfortable. They may be afraid of getting spotted by someone they know while browsing for vibrators, dildos, coconut oil, penis rings, and so on. Also, most people are intimidated by talking to sex store attendants. Still, sex stores are quite liberal. Most attendants won’t judge you regardless of if you buy a pair of sexy satin gloves, a vibrating cock ring, or a massive 15-inch fantasy goblin dildo.

However, couples could have a hard time while discussing the matter of sex stores or actually agreeing to visit one. Some non-conservative couples prefer to use online sex shops. On the other hand, if you are a conservative couple, you may be against buying real sex toys for men or women. As an alternative, you could make use of some handy household items.

Wooden Spoon for Spanking

Obviously, wooden spoons are used for making salads or during cooking. However, you can also use them as DIY sex toys during passionate lovemaking! So find a bamboo or wooden spoon in your kitchen or buy a brand new one. Then, you can use it for light to hard spanking.

Typically, the shape of a wooden spoon is a bit smaller than a paddle. You can spank your partner’s butt with the top part of the spoon. What’s more, you can use the spoon for light teasing if you rub it over your partner’s nipples. However, note that wood contains pores that absorb bacteria. It’s impossible to fully disinfect them. You can use a wooden spoon to touch your partner’s genitals or even penetrate them with the other end. However, you’ll need to wrap it in a condom to avoid any risks.

See these sexy spanking tips to know how.

Prevent Messing Up the Bed With Shower Curtains

If you’ve never experimented with rough or kinky penetrative sex, you might not know that it can get quite messy. Lots of kinky sexual activities and DIY toys could ruin your fresh and clean bedsheets. For example, rough blowjobs, vaginal discharge, lots of lubricant, or even squirting and anal sex could stain your bed. Some of the other things we’ll talk about, like candle wax, can also drip on your bed. You could struggle to remove all those substances.

However, for a quick solution, you can use a fresh set of polyester or PVC shower curtains. Just put them over your bed, and the hard fabric will protect it. Any suspicious liquids will not flow through the tough shower curtain. Plus, the glossiness of the curtains will make it feel like you are in a sex dungeon. You’ll be ready for anything!

Cold Oral Experience With Mints

You should always keep a box of mints by your bed to keep your breath fresh and clean during sex. However, you may not have known you can use breath mints as fun little tools during foreplay!

Mints can create a tingling sensation in your tongue. You can use this to your advantage. It can increase the blood flow as you kiss or lick your partner’s body and nipples. If you suck on a mint and then lick or bite your partner’s nipples, they will get an intense prickling sensation. This could turn them on substantially or even bring them to orgasm!

What’s more, mints will feel amazing during oral sex and clitoral stimulation. They will produce tingling sensations in all the right spots. That will enhance your partner’s responses to your tongue and mouth. Mints can get quite intense, and not everyone will enjoy them. If you try this and you see that your partner feels ticklish, it’s better to stop. If not, keep going, and they’ll have the freshest orgasm of their life!

What to do if your partner always has a bad breath?

Block Your Partner’s Hearing With Earplugs

Conservative couples with timid sex habits could be a bit quiet in the bedroom. That’s perfectly understandable. Some people are just not comfortable with strange and animalistic noises.

Still, even if you don’t like to out any moans or screams, your partner might want to let go and have a loud orgasm! Interestingly, science says that sex noises can actually heighten arousal. They are a huge part of how we communicate during sex!

One exciting way to play around with sounds is to block your partner’s hearing. You can use a set of earplugs for this. If your partner is shy in bed and if they are uncomfortable, they can wear earplugs to block out some of the sounds and focus on their orgasm. Alternatively, use earplugs to block your partner’s hearing as a form of sensory deprivation. That will make them feel like they’re floating. Also, you can combine this with a sleeping mask or a scarf to make an improvised blindfold and take it up a notch.

Wax Play With Candles 

Lots of couples experiment with candles during sex because they are widely available. Wax is common in most households, and if you want to experience BDSM sex, just find some candles and light them up.

Wax play is a type of sensory temperature play. It can feel strange, frightening, and highly pleasurable at the same time. Before you start playing with fire, it’s important to note that you should only use body-safe candles. That includes paraffin, soy, and similar candles. Avoid beeswax because it can cause irritations. With wax play, the trick is to take it easy and only drip a small amount of wax on your partner’s body. You can keep some warm water next to your bed just in case. That way, if you get burned by accident, the warm water could soothe your skin.

Also, keep the candle away from flammable materials. When you get comfortable with wax, you can try all sorts of dripping patterns to tease or torture your partner. You can also use your partner’s body as a canvas and make various shapes with wax. That will cause some intense sensations!

That’s It! 

There are a few other DIY sex toys for couples, like electric toothbrushes or shower heads for masturbation. You can try anything as long as your partner agrees to it, and it will definitely freshen up your sex life. Have fun playing!

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