Sexual Benefits of Urethral Sounding

More and more people are interested in sounding, and it turns out that putting stuff in your urethra can be beneficial. Here, we will cover everything you need to know about penis plugs, how to use them, and the potential risks. 

The Urethra Has Sensitive Nerve Endings That Can Deliver Pleasure and a Tingling Sensation

Everyone knows that the genital area is quite sensitive, and people love experimenting and discovering new ways to feel good. Over the years, the popularity of urethral play has only been growing. This is because the urethral opening is filled with nerve endings. Sounding is a form of sexual play is something many want to experience.

But the main reason why inserting a stainless steel rod can be pleasurable is because the urethra is lined with extremely sensitive nerve endings. This means that even though you won’t be using a penis plug as a dildo, you can still experience pleasure and a tingling sensation during sounding. Urethral play is not as rare as you might think, and more and more men are willing to try it.

While the major part of the pleasure that comes from urethral play is physical, trying out something like this can be a mental turn-on as well. The very fact that you are doing something unusual and taboo can cause psychological arousal. Furthermore, males who have spent their entire lives being the “penetrators” might love the idea of trying something different. It will make them feel more vulnerable and exposed in a positive way. 

The tip of the penis is rather sensitive, and stimulating it along with the urethra can be surprisingly fun. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Rubbing a toy against the urethral walls is something that you might find enjoyable and arousing too. 

Prostate Stimulation

One of the main advantages of cock stuffing is prostate stimulation. The stimulation of this gland represents another taboo for many men. The prostate is located between the penis and the bladder. The purpose of the prostate in the male body is to increase the volume of semen. As it turns out, stimulating the prostate can lead to more intense orgasms, and there are a couple of ways to reach it. 

The fastest and easiest way to stimulate the prostate is through the rectum. The inner wall of the anus offers a perfect opportunity to put pressure on this gland. People who aren’t interested in anal play can reach it through the urethra. 

As you may have guessed, deep sounding requires a lot of lubrication if you want to enjoy it. A urethral penis plug is a long thin rod, and you will need to be careful during the insertion. 

Finally, if you are wondering if it’s possible to cum through the penis plug, the answer is — yes. Both prostate stimulation and sounding can lead to an orgasm, but this is individual. While many men enjoy sounding and prostate massage, others are still unwilling to try it. 

Better Erection

One of the main reasons you might want to try sounding is the pleasure that you’ll get from it. Since the urethra is filled with nerve endings, sounding can be arousing for many. Both psychological and physical aspects of cock stuffing might help you have a better erection. Moreover, if you opt to try out deep sounding, a prostate massage can also increase your sexual pleasure. 

Prostate massage is one of the ways to release fluids and clear the prostatic duct. As a result, you might also eliminate any blocked fluids. This will lead to improved erections. 

While this might not be the case for everyone, people who have experienced an orgasm through prostate massage describe it as more pleasurable and intense compared to the regular orgasms. Even if you don’t plan on trying deep sounding, you can still experience improved erections by stimulating your urethra. 

Risks of Urethral Sounding

Unfortunately, if you plan to try sounding, you will need to be careful. There are a couple of risks related to this practice, and you should know what to expect before you start playing with your hole. 

The whole process is safe if you know what you’re doing. One of the first things you need to know is that sterilizing your toys is a must. Inserting a metal rod into your urethra can cause microscopic tears on the urethral wall. This will increase the chances of getting urinary tract infections. Furthermore, studies show an increased rate of STIs in people practicing sounding. So you will need to make sure that everything is clean and safe beforehand. 

Moreover, the toy needs to be a perfect fit. If it is too small, you won’t be able to enjoy the sensation in the urethra. On the other hand, inserting too big of a toy can be painful and cause discomfort. 

You will also need to be careful and take it slow. You don’t want to rush things as harsh movements may rupture the bladder if you push too deep. 

While all of this may sound scary and you might be wondering why you should even try it, the process is safe as long as you are careful. One of the most common myths is that sounding will make your urethra stretch. This is not true. There are no side-effects to urethral sounding, and it won’t change the way you urinate or cause any other problems. The only thing you need to remember is to be gentle and use a lot of lubrication. 

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For everyone willing to experiment with penis plugs, there are a couple of things you need to know. The whole process is safe, and there are no side-effects — at least if you are taking it slow and being gentle. Sounding can help you improve your erections, and you can experience better orgasms. There are many penis plug videos available online. You can always check them out to see how you should do it to avoid any injury.

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