What Are The Advantages of Urethral Sex?

The penis ring is an accessory that pleasantly condenses intimate life and is used to increase sexual pleasure. This sex toy tightens the base of the penis and the testicles, and thus the blood pressure in the member increases, which results in increased sensation, greater dilation, and firmer erection.

Penis rings exist in many shapes and colors. Some are simple, while others have accessories that vibrate the clitoris during sexual intercourse. On the other hand, these rings can be installed at any time of the erection.The penis ring should be worn for a maximum of 20 minutes. Men’sHealth helps us how to use cock rings.

The maximum duration of their wearing is 20 minutes, exceeding this time can affect the capillaries or bruise the penis.The use of rings is not recommended for men with vascular problems, diabetes or nerve injuries. If you feel uncomfortable about wearing them, take them out immediately. Too tight rings can cause pianism, which can lead to gangrene of the penis. If you fall asleep while wearing a penis ring, you may have serious problems with permanent nerve injuries.

To use the penis ring, pinch it around the base of the genital organ and back of the testicles. Men can opt for penis rings if they suffer from erectile dysfunction as they will help them maintain their erection. Some men just like sex toys because of the sensation of tightening and the surplus of firmness.

Penis massage can be a great way to excite or even satisfy your partner. Sexologists recommend using the lubricant, for erotic massage to have the desired effect. Here are some techniques for penis massage:

  1. Hold the penis with both hands and move the palms in opposite directions. Friction will create a feeling of warmth. Be careful not to apply too much pressure. You can alter this movement with one from the top down.
  2. The head of the penis can be massaged gently with a well-lubricated palm, while the other is the base of the penis. Movements are circular. Be careful to alternate meanings from time to time.
  3. While your penis is in the usual position on the abdomen, you hold the testicles with one hand and the other one between the body of the penis and the abdomen, so that you can massage it with the palm of your hand, moving from top to bottom.
  4. A very dynamic massage technique is one in which you hold the penis with one hand, and with the other you slightly rotate the body of the penis, holding the penis’s head with the thumb and the index finger.
  5. This technique involves coordinating both hands, but is easy to put into practice. Grasp the top of the penis with your palm and lower your palm to the base of your penis. Then let go of your penis, making sure you take the head of the pen with your other hand and repeat the motion.
  6. Of course, the technique above can be done and vice versa. Strange a hand with the base of the penis and move it upwards, then let it go and repeat the movement with the other hand.
  7. Place both palms on one side of his or her pension, without covering it with your fingers. Next, gently push your palms together to create pressure and move the palms from the top to the bottom.
  8. Massage the head of your penis as if you were trying to unlock a door that has a round yell. The goal is to lunge with the circular motion around the penis, not to “unlock the door.”
  9. With this slightly more complicated technique, you will give it the impression that stimulation resembles sex. Grasp the penis head slightly into the center of your palm, holding your hand tight in the form of a punch. Move your hand down so you can tighten your penis’s head in your fist. As soon as you moved sufficiently down and he was discovered, change your hands to give him the feeling of a continuous penetration.
  10. Form a thumb and thumb ring and move it from the top to the bottom of your penis. The pleasure comes from the fact that you reduce the circumference of the ring when you climb your hand to the head of the penis and then force it to penetrate the tight space when you move your hand down.

These techniques will cause you real pleasure by combining them. For example, you can massage your penis body until you notice the penis’s head swelling and red. Then you can combine the second, eighth, and ninth techniques in that order.

Sometimes a big cock is the one that raises problems in the bedroom. Sometimes it’s a too small penis. And the vagina, either too tight or less firm, can be “guilty” of the failure of a sex party. There are solutions, certain sexual positions or other erotic tricks that can alleviate almost any type of mismatch.

Even if the attraction cannot be denied, and sexual chemistry breaks the “thermometers”, there are cases in which the genitals seem to not fit Penis too big or too small, a narrow vagina or a less firm, and difficult alignment in certain positions because of the height, is features that can hurt a successful sex match.

The penis too big

Although it does not seem to be a problem, but a gift for most men, the too large size of the penis can put an end to a successful sex party. To avoid discomfort, multiple sexual positions, as well as deep-throat oral sex and passionate sessions should be avoided. To solve this problem, you can use a few special rings that underlie the penis and prevent the man from reaching the cervix of the partner. These are reusable and can be washed with antibacterial soap. For more information, visit

Does the vagina too tight

If it is difficult to have sex or to finish a game because of the partner’s too narrow vagina, you can use a simple trick. The woman squeezes on the abdomen with a lubricant, sits on the back, and holds his penis with his palm, like a sandwich, between the hand and the abdomen. For the success of this trick, the position of the missionary is the most appropriate, allowing the hugs and kisses of the action very similar to sex with penetration. Also, in order for the woman to get excited properly before penetration and to relax, she may try to use a vibrator.

Does not have the vagina firm

Kegel exercises are a healthy and simple way to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Sexologists especially recommend Kegel exercises on the toilet as you urinate, but you can do it anywhere, anytime. In this case, you can try sex in the “position of the spoon”, which means staying stretched out on one side and penetrating it from behind. Helpful are vaginal balls used during sex.

You do not fit because of the height

Sometimes, either he has feet too short or too long, some positions are not easy to achieve. As usual doggy style is the one that poses problems, using more pillows under the knee is a great solution to address this position.

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