Weirdest Items Used As Sex Toys

As girls, we usually know what we need for masturbation, and we love to have some alone time to experiment with new things. But, at a young age, we don’t always have the means to buy vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and other sex toys. So, many of us turn towards DIY solutions, and that’s when things can get pretty bizarre. And not in the “ice cube in your mouth” kind of way! Check out some real-life confessions from women who revealed the weirdest items they’ve used as sex toys! 


“When I was in high school, I was pretty desperate to find out how an orgasm felt like. Some of my friends had already started to masturbate and were talking about it all day long. But I could never get off with fingers alone. I just wanted to see what penetrative sex felt like. There was this one night when I was home alone and was extremely horny. Think gushing wet! I started to masturbate to some porn and found a video of a girl going to town with a hairbrush. What?! That definitely caught my attention. I high-tailed it to the bathroom to get my brush too. 

So I laid back and basically copied the girl’s moves from the video while sliding the handle into my dripping wet pussy. Then, I got into several sex positions, and doggy was the best. I wasn’t able to cum at first, and it took some practice. Finally, I had some ridiculously powerful orgasms by rocking up and down on the hairbrush handle and rubbing my fingers over my clit. After doing this for a few nights, I actually got a bit more curious. It turned out that the hairbrush head was a great tool for spanking, and I still use it to this day during regular sex. And please don’t think I’m weird, but I also stuck the brush handle in my ass a few times. That was the best idea ever since I literally became addicted to anal after that!” — Marie P. 

Vibrating Cell Phone

“I’m not gonna lie, but I was a teen back when we still used those smaller, old-school cell phones. They used to vibrate a lot. Since I had (and still have!) a freakishly dirty mind, I was thinking about that phone every time I would hear/feel it vibrating. Of course, I was too young for a sex toy back then. The idea of this vibrating phone was actually a big turn on. Sometimes, I would leave it in my pants, get a text, and the thing would shake me up! So in one of my weirdest masturbation experiments, I stuck the phone in a condom. Then I got wet and rubbed my clit until I was feeling pretty hot. I just cupped the phone in my hand, laid it against my pussy, and called the number from the landline. Fucking crazy, right? 

Actually, the condom worked great because it was also pretty wet from all the lube. I also remember that the phone had a steady vibration pattern, so it was putting pressure on my clit pretty hard. I think I dialed my number about 20 times that night! The vibrations made me get off and cum pretty hard several times. I actually did this quite often during my late-night masturbation experiments until I got my first vibrator. But, I got so good at using the phone that it gave me some of my best orgasms! Who knew?” — Linda

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Water Jets in Jacuzzi 

“The first time I discovered how to masturbate in a jacuzzi was actually at my friend Sophie’s house. We were both on the swimming team, and one day, we went to her house to relax after practice. It was a warm summer night, and Sophie’s parents weren’t there. She told me to chill out in the hot tub and wait for her to finish some chores. So there I was all alone, and I was kind of restless after being horny all day. I got in the tub and, by mistake, rested right against the water jets. Suddenly I felt all this pressure on my vagina, and it was so intense that I just felt paralyzed. 

The jets were so powerful that I completely lost my mind and even forgot where I was. Did I cum once or several times? I don’t remember. But, I do remember that I was trying to keep quiet so that Sophie or her sister Anna wouldn’t catch me. At some point, Anna came into the backyard in her bikini, and she wanted to get in the tub too. I had such an intense orgasm that I didn’t know what was happening, but I got even hornier when she joined me in the tub. To this day, I don’t still don’t know if she busted me masturbating or not. But judging by those water jets, she probably knew what I was doing!” — Stacy W. 

Food, Basically

“Before I had a massive sex toy collection, I championed the use of carrots, cucumbers, bananas, and other foods during masturbation. It started when a friend of mine dared me to suck on a banana to show off my young oral sex skills. We all had a laugh that day, but I think I was the only one who managed to get more than half of the banana down my throat. It got me thinking about what I could do with food and bigger vegetables. 

In fact, I had an active sex life, but the guys that I had sex with didn’t manage to impress me. In reality, I was completely obsessed with big, monstrous cocks, and I just had to see how they felt. 

First, I got a giant cucumber and stuck a condom on it. Instantly, I got what I was looking for when I pushed it inside my pussy. It was so huge and thick that I felt like my whole body was being used when I stretched myself open. I also tried eggplants and carrots, but I always returned to large cucumbers because they were the best/most realistic. I continued to fuck my pussy and ass with cucumbers for a few months before finally getting some big dildos. So girls, if any of you are size-queens and can’t find the guy who can deliver the proper equipment, definitely try some veggies!”  — Svetlana 

Word of Caution 

Have you tried something even crazier than those confessions? When it comes to strange items and things used as sex toys, you should always take caution. Remember to use condoms to avoid bacterial infections and never insert anything with sharp edges. 

As we’ve seen in some of the confessions, most of the girls used condoms with their weird sex toys. Also, if it’s your first time experimenting, it will be a good idea to use oil-based or water-based lube and make sure to clean any household item thoroughly. Of course, there are many other things to try, like masturbating on your washing machine, using electric toothbrushes, as well as showerheads. 

What’s more, it would be better to order some sex toys and store them discreetly, but if you simply can’t buy them, most of the things from the confessions above will work. Good luck with your kinky sex experiments, and have fun!

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